Automated Employee Safety Training and Quizzes

Help clients & prospects easily train employees and prevent workplace injuries.

Imagine sending this video to a prospect or client…

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Solve a common employer challenge & take weight off their shoulders with one simple tool.

Safety training is critical, but a hassle to create and deliver. With AutomateSafety, employers can:

Choose from an extensive library of safety topics

Schedule a year’s worth of training in 15 minutes

Automate training delivery to employees via email or text message

Easily track completion and engagement

Eliminate Headaches

HR and safety professionals can spend their time on other critical priorities.

Huge Library of Topics

Help employers decide which pre-built training topics are the right fit.

Simple Delivery

Employers schedule training in minutes via email or text message. No employee login required!

Quizzes to Track Engagement

Tracking is simple with quizzes and reports - no printing or signature needed!

Bite-Sized Lessons

Provide training employees will actually take (and learn from) in minutes, not hours.

Support a Safety Culture

Each course offers employees a chance to report hazards and near-misses.

"My clients love this solution because it takes so much work off of HR’s plate. They see it as real tangible value I bring as their agent."

Keene, NH Agent
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Compete on value, not on price.

Change the way you prospect forever. Once an employer sees how easy it is to schedule, manage and track employee training automatically, they’ll wonder if their incumbent can provide the same type of value.

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